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Storage and Warehouse


Whether it’s pre shipment storage for removals or personal effects, or post shipment storage before delivery in a foreign country, you need to use a secure and trusted location, particularly if you have personal or high value items to store, but finding such locations can be tricky.

Local Storage in Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and more

Luckily, ShipGo, with years of experience in Shipping to Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and further have delivered a network of partners that offer the ultimate in high quality storage solutions, and we are proud to offer our customers both pre and post shipment storage in a variety of different countries. From sources in France and the UK, we have some great solutions for your cargo.

Secure Storage Solutions from the UK to Brunei – and everywhere in between

All of our UK and overseas storage locations have been thoroughly vetted to provide a great level of storage at competitive prices too, and whether it’s a full container load or just a few cartons, we can offer scalable solutions to suit you.  For example, if you’re looking for a virtual address in Malaysia to receive goods for inspection pre-delivery, then we can help provide this too – holding on to your stored items until such time as they’re ready to be delivered.

Offering a full portfolio of shipping and storage services to a variety of clients is what we pride ourselves on, so why not give us a call to discuss your needs, and we’re sure to provide a solution to suit you.