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Personal Effects


Whether you’ve completed study in the UK and are moving back home, or you’ve landed a great job overseas, you’ll want to have your home comforts with you. Chances are, you’ll be booking flights for yourself and your most essential items to cross the ocean for you, but with the rising costs of excess baggage, and the amount of personal effects you’re likely to have, it’s likely to put a strain on your finances if you take any more than the bare minimum. This is why Shipping to Malaysia – or any other destination – via air or ocean freight is a good option.

Shipping Personal Effects to Malaysia, China, and Sri Lanka safely

Exporting personal effects to Malaysia is something ShipGo take very seriously, as we know you’re likely to have sentimental attachment to your personal items, and ensuring they’re kept safe and secure, and aren’t out of your possession too long, is both your goal and ours.

If you’re not familiar with the process of Shipping to Malaysia, including what’s involved with regards to packing and paperwork, and the costs concerned with Shipping personal effects to Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka or elsewhere, or even if you can ship from a source in France or the UK, then we can advise you every step of the way. From pickup in the UK or France to delivery in your chosen country, to providing you with quotes for both air freight and ocean freight for your items, to helping you with the paperwork needed to ensure swift clearance through customs both in the UK and at your chosen destination, ShipGo can provide a full personal effects shipping service, leaving you to arrange your own flights and concentrate on your new move abroad.

Why not contact us today to talk through your options, and ship your personal effects to Indonesia, Malaysia or Hong Kong with ShipGo – we’ll provide a solution to suit both your timescale and budget, with 24/7 service that’s as personal as your possessions.