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Relocating overseas, whether as part of a long-term plan or temporarily can be a nightmare. If you’re on your own, then arranging flights, accommodation, and getting information about the local area to help you settle in is likely to take up most of your time, and when it comes to arranging removal of your household goods, and delivery to your new home, it can be overwhelming.

Removals to Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka or further tailored to your requirements

If that’s the case, then why not trust ShipGo to arrange everything for you. We offer a full removals service Shipping to Malaysia and a variety of other countries, that will allow you to concentrate on getting yourself settled whilst we arrange your shipment. From door to door, we can supply packing boxes to contain all of your household items, label them correctly for either airfreight or ocean freight shipment to Malaysia, store them until you’re ready to ship, load them into a container, and arrange customs clearance at both ends. Once customs clearance in the destinations country has been arranged, we can even provide local storage and onward shipment to your new address, leaving you with only the unpacking to do! Moving home and moving house will never be the same anymore.

Of course, some items may be more urgent than others, which is where our experience in Shipping to Malaysia, China and all across the globe will help. We can arrange part loads to be sent via airfreight if they’re urgent, whilst the rest of your non-essential items can be sent via ocean freight. This can help to keep costs down at a time when every penny counts, but will allow you to have everything you need with you when you arrive on foreign shores.

Allow ShipGo to release the stress of removals overseas, by simply giving us a call to discuss your requirements, and allowing us to assist with Shipping to China, Malaysia or wherever you’ll be calling home. Then, you’ll only have yourself to worry about – not all of your belongings too.

Moving House - Ship to Malaysia

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