Customs Clearance - Ship to Malaysia

Customs Clearance


For the uninitiated, customs management can be terrifying. From terms you’ve never heard of before to customs procedures for exporting from the UK, and licences needed for Shipping to Malaysia or other countries, it’s no wonder people are put off shipping overseas. Having a partner to take care of all the customs paperwork, whilst ensuring compliance with HMRC is essential, and at ShipGo, we offer a service that includes customs clearance and compliance both here and overseas.

Customs Assistance for Shipping to Malaysia, China and all across the world

Exporting via air and ocean freight requires extensive knowledge of customs procedures, and no two shipments are the same. There are a variety of different types of export, from temporary exports to permanent, and commercial goods to personal effects. Here at ShipGo we can ensure that your customs formalities are completed in the right way, whatever shipment you’re looking to send.  In addition to this, we also ship from sources in France, as well as the UK -allowing us to process customs clearance there too.

As we offer a complete door-to-door solution to our clients, we also work with partner offices all over the world, all experienced in handling customs formalities with top level compliance, so whether you’re looking at exporting a car to Malaysia, Shipping personal effects to Brunei, sending hazardous goods to China or Shipping promotional goods form France to the Philippines, we will be able to ensure customs clearance at both ends of the journey without delay.

Why not give us a call to discuss your needs, whether it’s Shipping to Malaysia or moving goods from your source in France to China, and we’ll talk you through our services to find the best solution for your needs.