Ship Car to Malaysia

Shipping Cars


Shipping cars to Malaysia – or indeed anywhere in the world – is no mean feat, especially for the uninitiated. There are procedures that need to be followed, and of course keeping your car intact when on a long voyage isn’t something many of us relish. However, if you have a partner that knows the ins and outs of Shipping cars to China, Malaysia and many other destinations, you’ll be able to leave all the details to them, and concentrate on learning to drive on new shores!

Luckily, ShipGo have the experience and expertise to safely and seamlessly transport your car abroad, and with years of experience in negotiating rates with all the major carriers, we’re in the best place to secure a good price for the movement of your vehicle overseas.

Shipping Cars to Malaysia, Indonesia and further with ease

If you’re looking to ship all of your belongings to Malaysia (or wherever you’re moving!) too, then we can even pack your personal effects in the same container as your vehicle, which may save costs, not only for the freight itself, but in the loading and unloading at each end of the journey.  In addition to this, you’ll know all your worldly goods are all together and will be delivered to your specified delivery point in one go. Shipping to China, Malaysia and even Indonesia is easy with ShipGo.

Advice and Assistance with Shipping your Car

Of course, there’s always the need to protect your goods that little bit more when you’re looking to ship a car to Malaysia, or any other country, and this is why ShipGo can offer you advice when it comes to taking insurance against unforeseen events. Although rare, it’s always best to be prepared, and in addition to providing advice on everything from rates to shipping schedules, ShipGo will guide you through any paperwork needed to ensure your car is shipment-ready, and that there will be no extended delays due to paperwork problems at destination.

Exporting a car to Malaysia, Indonesia Hong Kong or China is easy with ShipGo, as we can handle everything you need, leaving you less to worry about when relocating your pride and joy – and yourself – to a new country. Why not contact us to get a quote for Shipping your car to China, Malaysia or wherever you choose, and allow us to make things easier for you.