Air Freight - Ship to Malaysia

Air Freight


When time is of the essence, whether your customer is on production stop, or you’re shipping for an exhibition or other important event, airfreight to Malaysia or wherever else in the world your customer resides is the only option. However, airfreight shipments to Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore or other Asian countries can be difficult to arrange if you’re unsure of the space, security and cost requirements. Whether you’re looking to regularly airfreight your goods to Malaysia, or want to send a one-off urgent shipment to China, ShipGo can help arrange an airfreight to suit your budget, and time sensitivity, allowing you to get the most cost effective solution for your airfreight exports.

Experienced Airfreight Operatives

With many years of experience in Shipping to the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and all across the globe, our professional team has the ability to negotiate preferential rates with some of the world’s largest airlines, and we can find the best route for your cargo, whether via direct flights or through major transshipment points to reach its destination on time.

Packing Advice and Cost Efficiency

One thing that isn’t often understood by those Shipping airfreight to Malaysia, Brunei or any other country overseas is the space on an aircraft that fly there. Different routes have different aircraft requirements and therefore space isn’t the same for each destination.  Here at ShipGo we can advise how your items can be packed to optimise the space you have, and as airfreight shipments to China, Malaysia and all over the world are charged by the greater of either gross weight or volume, packing can make all the difference when it comes to cost.  We can also advise you on securing your cargo correctly for airfreight, and can talk you through the whole process from collection, through security (either by X ray, decompression or REST) right through to flight schedule, customs clearance upon arrival in the destination country and delivery to your customers door.

Door to Door / Door to Airport Solutions

Similarly to our ocean freight to Malaysia services, we can arrange door to door or door to airport shipments, allowing you the security that comes with having an agent with partners across the globe, all able to deal with your cargo in a professional and efficient way, allowing you to effectively track which point of the journey your shipment to China, Hong Kong, Malaysia or elsewhere is at any given time, without you having to call overseas and try to communicate effectively with other agents – not all of whom speak English.

If your cargo is urgent, there’s really no better solution to avoid delays and get your shipments delivered on time – and that’s where ShipGo come in. We’ll ensure your airfreight exports from source in France or the UK to any country are handled professionally and efficiently, allowing you to be safe in the knowledge that everything’s taken care of.