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SERVICES – What you Can Expect from ShipGo

Customer Support

All our services are backed by comprehensive web platforms for ordering and tracking your delivery. Don’t forget, if you need to speak to us, our customer support is open 24 hours a day!  Your peace of mind is our business.

Sea Freight and Air Freight

If you have the time to spare, sea freight is the cheapest way to move large loads and consignments from A to B. This is why it makes sense to plan your shipment as early as you can. Typically, the transit time is 7-12 weeks, depending on final delivery destination.

If time is of the essence, then air freight is the answer. Move your essential items quickly and easily with shipping completed in days not weeks.

Of course, you can combine the two with the larger items going by sea and the things you really need by air.

Your overseas delivery is supported by our excellent service, which includes:

Door to Door / Door to Port Shipment

When your goods arrive at their destination, you may wish to make arrangements for their onward journey yourself through your overseas connections.

If you want the items taken from the front door here in the UK to the front door in Malaysia for example, then we’ll arrange local delivery. It’s all part of the service.

Car Shipment and Personal Effects

When it comes to moving your pride and joy, that’s no problem. Your car can be containerised and sent by sea freight separately or with additional personal effects. It’s up to you.

FCL Full Container Load – 20ft / 40ft

If you have large items other than a car and you need a full/half shipping container for overseas delivery, then we can arrange this for you too. Perhaps you are moving house completely or you want furniture or machinery delivered. Shipgo can handle it all.

LCL Less than Container Load or Container Sharing – 5ft / 10ft

Don’t worry if you cannot fill one of our larger units. We can arrange delivery of smaller shipping loads.  We can advise you on the best shipping and transport solution for your needs.

Online Shopping

Shopping online is the modern way of shopping. Leave the shopping to us and get the load off your shoulders. ShipGo combines the experience of Online Shipping and Shipping to Malaysia with our vast experience in the industry.

Find out what you need to buy online comfortably at home without having to squeeze with the weekend crowds. Work out your shopping list online and send us your shopping list with details of the online merchant, product listings, and quantities. We will shop for you. We will consolidate all your products and have it delivered to you in a single delivery conveniently. By combining all your online purchases, you save on the individual purchase charges. Together we save your money, your time, and our resources. Waste no time in the shopping malls and spend more time with your family!

Removals and Moving Home

Let us take the stress out of relocating overseas. We will help you choose the correct freight option for you and make sure everything is moved from door-to-door swiftly and easily.

Our service includes the supply of brand new packing cartons, labeling, warehousing, containerising, shipment, port clearance, local storage and onward shipment.

We will take care of all the little details and advise you on protecting your valuables and fragile items. It works just like moving house within the UK with us doing the legwork. Once everything is packed, all you have to do is move yourself!

Storage and Redirection Facility

If your goods need storing before shipment or at the end of their delivery journey, Shipgo can facilitate this.

We can also provide you with a virtual address to receive and inspect additional goods you order for delivery at the overseas location. We’ll hold onto these until everything is ready to be delivered to the final location address.

Customs Management

ShipGo takes care of all the paperwork that goes with international transportation. We will handle the port documentation and clearance and provide the necessary export documents to make sure your delivery passes safely and easily through foreign customs.

Logistical Consultation

If you have a unique project and need specialised advice on shipping, then look no further. Shipgo can consult with you to find the most cost-effective way to get your project professionally handled and in good time.

Agent Loyalty Program

We work with agents as well as direct customers on our various services. Let us look after your clients’ shipments and take part in our reward program.