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Online Shopping &

Shipping to Malaysia

ShipGo combines the experience of Online Shipping and Shipping to Malaysia with our vast experience in the industry. Gone are the days of squeezing through the crowds over the weekends in the shopping malls to buy what you need. The 21st century first-class shopping experience begins with ShipGo. Decide what you want to buy over the internet and inform us. Let us do the shopping task for you!

Work out your shopping list online. Search through all the online stores to find out the products that you need. Send us your shopping list with details of the merchant and product listings and quantities. We will do the shopping for you. We will combine all your products into a single delivery and send it right to your doorstep, with savings in cost and time! Together we save your money, your time, and our resources. Shop with ShipGo today in the comfort of your home and spend more time with your family!

Shop with ShipGo today!

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