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Shipping to Indonesia is one of the shipping lanes of ShipGoBeing an island country that covers a lot of islands, Indonesia is surrounded by multiple countries including Singapore, Philippines, Australia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea. Being an important trade region, Indonesia serves as a useful shipping lane for many trades. From UK and France, we provide Shipping to Indonesia ports which can include Tanjung Priok, Sunda Kelapa, Tanjung Perak etc. Being the world’s most populous muslim majority country, Indonesia has it’s own unique customs, import duty and regulations to be followed in order to ship to Indonesia. Check with ShipGo regarding the procedure to ship to Indonesia. For reference to Shipping to Indonesia’s regulations, you are advised to contact Indonesia Customs.

Shipping to Indonesia Import Guidelines

To facilitate a smooth shipping process, please take note of the following guidelines, rules and regulations. Restricted items Shipping to Indonesia and importing into Indonesia are not allowed. This will include prohibited items like:-

  • Alcohol beverages
  • Antiques
  • Counterfeit currency
  • Dangerous/Hazardous goods
  • Endangered animal products Eg. Ivory, Furs
  • Firearms and explosive items
  • Gambling devices
  • Human corpses or body parts, cremated human remains
  • Illegal drugs Eg. Marijuana
  • Infectious Animals/Plants
  • Perishable food materials within few months or requiring refrigeration
  • Precious metals and stones
  • Political propaganda materials
  • Pornography

The above list is not exhaustive. Items that are prohibited by any law, statue or regulations are strictly not allowed. Any doubts and enquiries about your items Shipping to Indonesia, please contact our ShipGo staff directly. Our staff will guide you along the way for a safe shipping journey.

Shipping to Indonesia Restricted items:

  • Items that may cause injury to personnel handling the cargo
  • Items that may damage other cargo
  • Items that require special permit or license
  • Packages that contain leaking liquid
  • Packages that omit odor

Please do not ship items that can jeopardise the cargo itself or other cargo as mentioned above. ShipGo submits the relevant shipments to Indonesia authority and regulatory agencies. It is the sender’s responsibility to provide the correct and necessary documentation. Any shipments that are held by the customs may delay the shipping process.

For Air Freight, all standard prohibited air freight items are strictly not allowed. All air freight standard procedures are to be followed.

For all delivery Shipping to Indonesia, please contact ShipGo.

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